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Inspirational True Story

Inspirational True Story

Inspirational True StoryInspirational True Story



An adoption story does not end when a bundle of joy is placed in the arms of an adoptive couple. For Ann Kief, adopted as an infant in Germany by a U.S. military couple, her placement was just the beginning of her story--one that unfolded over many years and continues to unfold. Ann, who ultimately moved to America with her adoptive family, was drawn to discover her biological German roots. Kief tells the heart-warming and compelling story about her search to determine who her biological father was and if she could locate and contact her biological mother. The story is a page-turner as the reader is drawn into the twists and turns as well as drama of Ann's diligent search. Smile at the God-winks Kief encountered, rejoice at the connections she made, and sigh over the meetings she was never to have as you read this delightful work.

 Alice H. Murray

Adoption Attorney and Writer

Valparaiso, FL

With over 7.5 billion people on the planet it's easy to think our story may not matter. In this book Ann writes a beautiful reminder that God is always with us, and always working in every individual life. From crossing oceans, connecting family dots, and deep research, Ann does a wonderful job of recounting an incredible journey that shows the complexity of life, relationships, and finding our place in this world. It encouraged me to look deeper into my own history. Having experienced the blessing of adoption three times in my own family, I pray this book will open the door for others to be blessed by adoption as well. 

Rev. Brad Goode, Pastor

Good News United Methodist Church

Santa Rosa Beach, FL

Whether or not you have been adopted, the engaging and eye-opening true story “Blessed By Adoption” is a wonderful read. Each discovery is exciting and yet the informational challenges and frustrations will keep you turning the pages. Ann’s German history and photographic images confirm and bring fascination to all that she has written. I thoroughly enjoyed partaking in her journey!

Cheryl Hoffman


Santa Rosa Beach, FL

Ann writes with a clear, straightforward style that reflects genuine wonder at the ways God has worked in her life. Her testimony is full of "God incidences" that reveal God's faithfulness to her as she has sought to put together the pieces of her past. Her story takes us across oceans, continents, centuries and generations in an effortless, fascinating read. As an adoptive mom, I developed new insights and empathy into my own child's heart, as well as the selfless heart of his birthmother.

Jo Spivey

Writer, Editor and Adoptive Mom

Destin, FL


This book is a wonderful story of how an adopted child searched and found her biological family and had the chance to meet and share their lives. The perseverance that Ann showed and her faith allowed her to uncover much of her very interesting biological family's history. While anyone who is adopted will probably love this book, it is not just for the adopted person. Anyone who enjoys an inspirational story with very interesting characters will enjoy this read.

Jeff Treganowan

Author, "My Faith Is Not For Sale"

Santa Rosa Beach, FL

The author will draw in the reader with a fascination of what could possibly happen next - another unexpected twist or a turn of events leading down a path not anticipated. The highly unlikely discoveries of her past, that rival fictional accounts, will keep the reader engaged. Whether or not the reader is a person of faith, this is a story that shows evidence of providential influence. It is a story of the author’s incredible journey of searching for human connections that would have been lost were it not for her tenacity and extraordinary efforts to follow the leads and bring a clarity of the past to her current existence.

 Tim van Dam

 Adoptee and Adoptive Dad

 Niceville, FL

Ann's love of God and family has been a source of inspiration. Her words serve as a reminder to us all of what is most important in life.

Nancy Felber

Business Owner

Naples, FL

As a German child, also adopted by Americans, I understand the joy, anxiety, struggles and celebrations Ann artfully weaves into her story. This book is an encouraging inspiration for anyone seeking to discover their roots and how they have shaped who they are. It is a must read for any adopted child, regardless of age, who is considering undertaking the journey of discovery.

Rev. J. Pete Hyde, Senior Pastor

Santa Rosa Beach Community Church

Santa Rosa Beach, FL

This journey of adoption exemplifies God’s love and care each step of the way. Relationship and connection have always been God’s heart, and I loved the honesty and raw feelings shared in this book. Ann’s story is an amazing testament to God’s goodness and grace and His mercy over her life at every turn.

Denise Cox

Adoptive Mother

Lawrenceville, GA

The title of this book and its heart-warming story were of great interest to me, particularly since I was adopted and adopted three children brought into my life by marriage. Ann's story is a true master-piece of God’s blessings, that I believe were pre-ordained for her before her birth. She showed true respect to her adoptive parents and the family that gave her up. Her recall of her journey to find more of her heritage has been masterfully re-created and preserved for future generations. She wrote her story in first person so well that I felt like I lived it with her. 

Steve Ritter

Adoptee and Adoptive Dad

Roanoke, VA


5-Star Amazon Review: Beautifully Written

Format: Paperback Verified Purchase

Beautifully written.. May through Ann's story others will be blessed, encouraged and inspired to find out who God created them to be and live life to the fullest. Our stories are all different but there is much to learn in Ann's journey about how God is with us in our own journey. We all are created by God for his purposes and to seek understanding and find it is a life well lived. May we all seek it as Anne has done. The line in the book that touched me most is "One mother gave me life, and the other mother taught me how to live." ....... Thank you Ann for sharing!

5-Star Amazon Review: Adoptions are often real life mysteries

Format: Paperback Verified Purchase

Adoptions are often filled with unanswered questions. Not so for this author! Through her diligence and faith in God, she was able to discover the answers to many of her questions, but not all. Her journey started after WWII and spanned two continents. Reading her story was like exploring a centuries old mansion, and all the doors to the intrigue filled rooms are locked. The keys are in the house, but she must do some sleuthing to find them. Some keys presented themselves by what seems to be Divine intervention. The author’s quest for answers had me wanting the answers also. A great read!

5-Star Amazon Review: Sweet Read

Format: Paperback Verified Purchase

Ann wrote a wonderful story. Once I started on her adoption journey I couldn’t put the book down till I finished it. Now my husband is enjoying this awesome book

5-Star Amazon Review: A miraculous story!

Format: Paperback Verified Purchase

This is an outstanding book! One that anyone will find interesting and worthwhile. The author devoted over 15 years in seeking out the fascinating details of her adoption story. Her quest spans half the globe from Germany to the Pacific Ocean and is nothing short of Amazing. I highly recommend this unique and spiritually encouraging book.

5-Star Amazon Review: Beautifully written Book

Format: Paperback

I loved this book. It was a true story about a woman who wanted to find her birth mother and father. Being adopted from another country and trying to find her roots, was not easy, but her faith helped her at every step of the way. I started the book in the morning and finished it late afternoon. It is an easy read and keeps you hanging on to find out how her journey ends.

5-Star Amazon Review: Blessed by Adoption book review

Format: Paperback

My youngest granddaughter is adopted and I know her history. It was refreshing to read a friend's journey to discover her birth parents. I totally enjoyed reading this book. It was very well written and easy to follow. I am hoping that LC will do the same investigating when she is older. She actually met Ann and fell in love with her - who wouldn't. Ann is such a fantabulous friend. I would recommend this book to anyone.


5-Star Amazon Review: Interesting read - a great story about one woman's search for family connections!

Format: Kindle Edition

Ann’s story of her adoption is fascinating! There were so many twists and turns throughout her search for her birth parents. Ann takes us along on a journey into her past leading up to present day reunions with connections across the globe. Enjoyed learning about the Glockenspiel and the special meaning for her family.

5-Star Amazon Review: Blessed by adoption is a great read! Highly recommend!

Format: Paperback

This was inspirational and truly appreciate the author and story. Recommend to All!

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Ann has had a fascinating journey with God and this book will tell you the supernatural and beautiful twists and turns of discovery as God reveals her birth family. It’s a unique and heartwarming story of years of research and surprises, and it is a total blessing to see it now on the written page. Blessed by Adoption will bless every reader. Don’t miss it.

5-Star Amazon Review: A journey for love and identity 

Format: Paperback

Exceptionally well written account of a woman's search for her identity and origins. I have the pleasure of knowing her personally and recall her task. Heartwarming and enjoyable, inspirational and satisfying. Encourage you to read her story.